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The reading community is a collection of short texts (short stories / poetry) and small travel guides, as well as videos. (E-books will be added soon)



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07/2024  (Online diaries)

Short trip to the Belgium city of Antwerp

Antwerp is a port city in the Flanders region of Belgium and the capital of the province of Antwerp.Antwerp is of great international importance due to its seaport, as well as being the world's most important center for the processing and trade of diamonds.

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Paris - A trip to the "city of love"

City of light, city of love - Paris has many names and a reputation that goes beyond its many beauties. Perfumes that are known worldwide as the best, a cuisine that inspires so many cuisines around the world, not to mention the famous Parisian fashion - Paris is indeed in the eye of 9 out of 10 travel enthusiasts.

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Reading community comes to life

Today on December 27, 2023, we started to slowly fill "Reading community" with content so that we can go online on time for the planned February 1, 2024.