The Swedish coastal town of Malmo

Malmo is a major city in the historic Swedish province of Skåne.

The name of the city probably comes from the Old Danish Malmhaugar. It was mentioned as a landing place under the name Malmhaug since 1116.

In 1319 the foundation stone of St. Petri och Pauli Kyrka was laid and around the same time the first town hall was built. The oldest town privileges date from December 20, 1353 and were later confirmed several times.

The completion of the Oeresund Bridge in 2000 gave new impetus to the city's economic position as a transportation hub between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Malmo - Photos


 Gamla staden & Lilla Torg (Old Town)

○ Malmöhus slott (Renaissance castle)

○ Öresundsbron (bridge to Denmark)

○ Möllevångstorget (square)

 Turning Torso

190 meter high residential tower. The building "twists" upwards by a total of 90°.

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