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Juergen Winkler

February 1, 2024 - Reading-community.com goes online.

The Reading Community was founded as part of the former company Winkler & Cabral, LDA in Portugal. The company was dissolved on May 31, 2024. J. Winkler has taken over the online presence and is the sole owner.

June 1, 2024 - Foundation of "J. Winkler - Art my way" / Writer and self-publisher

Reading-community.com becomes the official website of "J. Winkler - Art my way"


Who is J. Winkler - Art my way?

Globetrotter, photographer, life artist and self-published book author. "Art my way" - depictions, descriptions, stories of how I see or have experienced things. A life with detours, not always leading to success, but with the will to live my way and find what I am looking for. 

My path is what brought me here and what leads me away from Portugal. In search of a happy life and contentment. The path has taken me from Germany, to Portugal and now to France. With the certain inner feeling of having finally arrived at my destination.

J. Winkler - Art my way

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