Short stories / Poetry

A photo, a video, a story - anyone can take part and tell their story.

The list of short stories is adapted to the order of publication.

Freguesia, Ilha do Governador, Rio, Brazil

(Rio District) Although I (Karla Evelise Cabral) was born in the Bairro da Tijuca neighborhood, very close to Maracanã, I grew up in the charming Freguesia neighborhood of Ilha do Governador, where my maternal grandfather was a city guard and where my mother and her sisters grew up.

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Indomitable spirit

Once upon a time, on the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro, a vivacious Brazilian beauty named Andy found herself involved in a dangerous game with the charming but treacherous Canadian Scott. What started as a friendly competition quickly turned into a thrilling chase when Andy realized she had been tricked by the cunning Scott.

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A connection that crosses continents

Once upon a time, in two different corners of the world, Andy and Scott. Andy, a vibrant and charming girl with a smile that could light up Brazil, spent her days dancing to the rhythm of samba and enjoying the warm sun.

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When two souls meet

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, there was a Canadian named Scott who was enchanted by the beauty and vibrancy of Brazil.

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Cousin of the dolphin - Amazon

Just like the dolphins in the sea, they are born lead gray, then they become whitish, and the older they get, the pinker they become. According to the river dwellers, they have this pink coloration because they are very aggressive towards each other, and this color is their scarred skin, and the older they get, the pinker they are.

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