Trip to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal

In addition to the "City of Seven Hills", as Lisbon is also known, we visit the beach "Praia do Rosário" and the city of Setúbal.

Portugal's largest and most populous area, known as the "Global City" due to its importance in financial, commercial, educational, artistic, tourist and media terms.

The seventh most visited European city, in 2018 it won the World Travel Awards for "Best Destination City" and "Best City Break Destination" worldwide.

Lisbon was almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, but was rebuilt by the Marquis of Pombal, and this true "phoenix" rose again and today enchants so many people.

A few specific things have become the hallmark of Portugal, especially in this region, and they really stood out from the 19th century onwards, when Fado was officially established. Lisbon then experienced a gradual spread and popular acclaim, and today there are several Fado houses scattered around Lisbon, and a Fado museum that is well worth a visit.

There's no shortage of entertainment in Lisbon, after all, a place with more than one hundred and twenty museums certainly doesn't make life dull, not to mention the countless churches scattered all over the place.

Having said that, let's go on a beautiful journey back in time, this is a place that even houses preserved archaeological finds from 1200 BC, yes this place is by far a place full of culture and beauty preserved in such a way as to enchant anyone who visits, Portugal itself is a beautiful and special country, and the Lisbon region, being located in the south of the country, has a climate that is the face of summer vacations.

The cuisine is something that enchants even more. You can't resist the "pasteis de bacalhau" with a good glass of wine, as well as so many other delights of Lisbon's gastronomy that you can't help but want to try again, and the world-famous pastéis de Belém, which even have a secret recipe.

The image of Lisbon is easily etched in everyone's mind by its various monuments, such as the 25 de Abril Bridge, built in 1966 and almost 3 km long, and at its highest point over the Tagus is 190 m high. It's an incredible and striking view of this bridge when we fly over Lisbon arriving at Humberto Delgado airport.

Praça do Comércio, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Torre de Belém, Rua do Carmo, Elevador de Santa Justa among other incredible places, there are so many famous monuments that it's hard to mention them all here, but without a doubt, it's a place to visit, repeat and always remember.

Lisbon - Photos


 Ponte 25 de Abril (third longest

   suspension bridge in the world)

 Padrão dos Descobrimentos

   (Monument of discoveries)

 Elevador de Santa Justa

   (Passenger elevator / tower)

 Catedral da Sé de Lisboa (Cathedral)

○ Praça do Comércio / Terreiro do Paço

○ Igreja de Santa Engrácia (Church)

○ Castelo de São Jorge (Fortress)

 Torre de Belém

   (Tower / UNESCO World Heritage Site)

 Baixa (Zentrum)

 Christo Rei (Statue of Christ)

 Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Monastery)

 Miradouro da Graça, (Viewpoint)

○ Alfama (oldest districts)

 Avenida da Liberdade / Rua Augusta

   (Shopping streets)

○ Oceanário de Lisboa (Oceanarium)

Praia do Rosário

(Beach / Gaio-Rosário / Distance to Lisbon 44,5 km)


(city / Distance to Lisbon 48,5 km)

Setúbal is located on the peninsula Península de Setúbal and belongs scenically to the Estremadura. The first settlers of this coastal region were Celts Phoenicians later about 100 BC to 400 AD the Romans.

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