Adventure "Highway Brazil"

On the road in Brazil - from Natal (RN) to João Pessoa (PB) and on to Recife (PE). Some things are different on the highway in Brazil. 
Pedestrians, cyclists, dead horses lying around (okay just one) ... A little adventure, here are a few impressions of only about 300 kilometers (about 200 miles) of Brazilian highways.

We saw and see it as an adventure through the world away from tourism, no matter which route we drove. Rent a car, drive off, remember the mostly existing speed limit of 80 km/h (50 mph) and enjoy the adventure "Highway Brazil". But of course always with a certain caution or with a Brazilian at your side.

These are routes that are very pleasing to the eye, the landscape is worth seeing on almost the entire route. The conditions on these roads are also good and only the outstanding issues regarding the access of people on the highway within places. Crossing the highway is dangerous, the pedestrian bridges are very poor or non-existent, forcing pedestrians to cross directly. Within built-up areas, not only pedestrians but also drivers have to be very careful.

from Natal (RN) to João Pessoa (PB)

On the road from Natal (RN) to João Pessoa (PB), Brazil (Distance 181,5 km / 113 miles)

With cyclists you always have the feeling that you are riding the wrong way, most of them come towards you and, at least on the route (from João Pessoa (PB) to Recife (PE)), there is sometimes a dead horse lying on the side of the road. Okay, that was an exception, the horse still looked fresh, so it would surely be removed soon (I hoped). The roads are okay, besides the usual rest areas there are also vendors selling fruit and vegetables and drinks by the roadside.
Note about the horse: After about a week it was still there ...

from João Pessoa (PB) to Recife (PE)

On the road - from João Pessoa (PB) to Recife (PE), Brazil (Distance 115,5 km / 92 miles)

Winkler & Cabral & Project Globetrotter are the old labels of the photos, from the beginning of 2024 they will only be labeled "J.Winkler - Art my way".

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