Nobody is perfect - Hartha, Germany - a town that nobody knows

A town that nobody knows - but with wonderful excursion destinations: Hartha, Germany & Kriebstein Castle, Diedenhain Viaduct, Schneeberg and Fichtelberg.

But even though I turned my back on Hartha over 30 years ago and moved away ... Hartha will always remain my home.

Hartha is not on any globetrotter's list, but it is home for the German part of "Winkler & Cabral" (& Reading community).

The Brazilian part comes from Rio de Janeiro, a city that probably everyone knows, Hartha, which is located in the Free State of Saxony, is probably a somewhat smaller city, okay ... very, very, very much smaller than Rio and less important.

As already mentioned, few people will know Hartha, but we don't want to withhold this place and especially the surrounding area from you.

Okay, in a list with Rio, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam and Venice etc. it's an almost impossible challenge, but there are a few sights.

Hartha itself was founded around 1223 and is also called "Frog Hartha" by the locals, which comes from the fact that there were many lakes and lots of frogs in the area before the town was founded.

Hartha - Photos

Burg Kriebstein

(castle / Distance to Hartha 9,5 km)

Kriebstein Castle is a castle founded in the 14th century. Dietrich von Beerwalde had it built over 600 years ago. ("The most beautiful knight's castle in Saxony"). Located in the municipality of the same name, Kriebstein, near the town of Waldheim in Saxony, Germany.

 Video: Kriebstein Castle

("Project Globetrotter / Winkler & Cabral" Video (2022) - Kriebstein Castle - 4k/UHD - 0:51 min.)

Diedenhainer Viadukt

(viaduct / Distance to Hartha 4.0 km)

The Diedenhainer Viaduct is 210 meters long and 51 meters high. A great area to relax.


(city / Distance to Hartha 75,0 km)

Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) Schneeberg is located on the Silver Road in the Ore Mountains. The town center is located on the 470 m high Schneeberg, which gave the town its name. The history is characterized by silver mining. This led to the foundation of the town in 1471. Since the middle of the 16th century, mainly cobalt and bismuth were mined. In the 19th century nickel and bismuth ores. In 1932 the mining was stopped.


(Oberwiesenthal / mountain / Distance to Hartha 98.0 km)

A winter trip to the Fichtelberg.

○ Video: Schneeberg / Fichtelberg

("Project Globetrotter / Winkler & Cabral" Video (2022) - Schneeberg / Fichtelberg - 4k/UHD - 4:05 min.)

A "winter trip" in April to the beautiful Ore Mountains. We also try our hand at sledging ... which the Brazilian half is much better at, even though it's the first time she's seen snow ... a natural.

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Travel at any time of the year. The surrounding area is worthwhile and offers some sights.


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