A trip to Padua in northern Italy

A little more than 45 km from Venice is Padua (Padova). A beautiful city with a lot of history, characteristic of all Europe, where a variety of buildings catch the eye: on the one hand a modern city with many skyscrapers, but a few steps away many buildings from the Middle Ages. Among them is the most important religious monument of Padua.

The Basilica of Saint Anthony (dedicated to the Portuguese saint who died in Padua in 1231), it was built in the 13th century to house the mortal remains of the saint immediately after his canonization.

One square in particular attracts our attention for its beauty, besides a lot of greenery and flowers it is the largest square in Italy, its circular canal surrounded by dozens of statues of famous men, philosophers, writers, sages and doctors make the "Prato della Valle" unique in the world, it is recommended to visit this square also at night, known for the reflections of its statues in the water of the canal, guarantee beautiful images to keep in your memory and heart.

Padua - Photos


○ Centro storico di Padova (Old Town)

 Basilica di Sant'Antonio (Basilica)

○ Palazzo del Bo con Teatro Anatomico

○ Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden)

 Prato della Valle (large square)

 Battistero e Cattedrale di Padova

   (Baptistery and Cathedral)

 Palazzo della Ragione (Palace of the Courts)

○ Caffé Pedrocchi (Café)

 Cappella degli Scrovegni (Chapel)

○ Basilica di Santa Giustina (Basilica)

○ MUSME - Museo di Storia della Medicina

   (Museum of the History of Medicine)

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Travel at any time of year, city breaks, stays of several days. A beautiful city in close proximity to Venice.


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