San Marino - A journey to the oldest republic in the world

Although many people don't even know that there is this beautiful mountainous microNation surrounded by the central-northern region of Italy, we should pay attention to this republic known as the oldest country in the world.

This incredible place is called San Marino, it has an estimated population of 30,000 inhabitants, it is 61 km² and has the capital of the same name, the local currency is the Euro and it is an independent and very rich country.

The historic center, located at an altitude of 2,450 feet above sea level on the slopes of Monte Titano, was founded in 301 by San Marino and Christian refugees fleeing Roman persecution under Deocletian, who decided to seek refuge on the summit of Monte Titano. This place was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008 under the title of "Historical Center of San Marino and Monte Titano".

The streets leading to the historic center are lined with trees and are very well organized. This historic center is known for its medieval architecture and history. The cobbled streets and the three castle-like towers dating back to the 11th century add to the charm of San Marino.

The first tower is called "Castello Della Guaita", it is the tallest and oldest in San Marino, from which you can see the second tower "De La Fratta", which houses an arms museum in honor of the founder of the city Marinus, and the third tower is called "Torre Del Montale", which unlike the other two is closed to visitors, but the path that leads up to it is breathtakingly beautiful and worth the walk.

There is also a torture museum as well as a museum that tells the story of various legends such as that of the werewolf. There are also ice cream parlors, perfume and cosmetic stores with great prices.

The restaurants and bars are incredibly charming, and the food and service are impeccable.

The Basilica of San Marino is another must-see in the historic center and is beautiful both inside and out. To reach the historic center, you can take the cable car from Bordo Maggiore to Citta di San Marino, but you can also drive up and enjoy the beautiful views along the winding roads.

The local hotels offer free parking, which is charged per hour of stay for tourists but included in the daily rate for guests, as well as access to the towers and museums, which costs about 5 euros each.

The official language is Italian due to the location, but the local population also speaks "Samarinese", a variant of the "Emiliano-Romagnolo" dialect, a combination of two languages spoken in the Emilia-Romagna region and San Marino.

Although people believe that this place belongs to Italy, its independence was recognized in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna. I can say that it is a place where, when you leave, you always feel you want to stay longer because of the warm welcome and because it is so beautiful.

San Marino Città - Photos


 Piazza della Libertà (Place)

 Basilika San Marino (Church)

○ Chiesetta San Pietro (Church)

○ Tre Torri, Guaita, Fratta (Cesta) &

   Montale (Defense towers)

○ Centro Storico Di San Marino

   (Historical center)

○ Cava dei Balestrieri (Quarry)

○ Museo Della Tortura (Museum)

 Museo delle curiosità (Museum)

 Statua della Libertà (Stature)

 Sculpture Mother and Child

 Titanus Museum (Museum)

 Porta San Francesco (Church)

 Chiesa di San Francesco (Church)

 Palazzo Graziani (Art Center)

Museo Creature della Notte

(Museum) Vampiri e Licantropi

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Travel at any time of the year, a stay of several days is highly recommended. San Marino is the destination that impressed us the most. We love this small state. Visit this probably oldest republic ... it will be fantastic vacations.


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