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Dresden (Saxony, Germany) & Fasanenschlösschen (Pheasant Castle), Moritzburg (Castle), Bastei (Rock formation), Hohnstein Castle, Oybin, Oybin castle and monastery ruins, The Kelchstein (Chalice stone).


Moritzburg (Castle)

& Fasanenschlösschen (Pheasant Castle)

Bastei (Rock formation)


& Oybin castle and monastery ruins

& The Kelchstein (Chalice stone)



Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony and the easternmost major city in Germany.

On March 31, 1206, Dresden is mentioned for the first time in a preserved document: Acta sunt hec Dresdene. And in a document dated January 21, 1216, Dresden is already mentioned as a city: "Acta sunt hec ... in civitate nostra Dreseden".

During the air raids on Dresden, large parts of the city were heavily damaged by British and U.S. bombers in four successive nightly waves of attacks from February 13 to 15, 1945.

Today, the city appears in its former glory and is an eye-catcher, whether by day or night. Historical buildings wherever you look. A visit is a pleasure in any case, at any time of the year. Sights wherever you look. A beautiful city.

Dresden - Photos


Semperoper (opera house)

Frauenkirche am Neumarkt

   (Church of Our Lady)

Dresdner Zwinger

Residenzschloss (Residence palace)

Fürstenzug (Prince's train)

   (world's largest ceramic painting)

Bruehlsche Terrasse

Blaues Wunder (Blue wonder, bridge)

Kathedrale Sanctissimae Trinitatis


Goldener Reiter (Golden rider / monument)

Pfunds Molkerei (dairy, milk store)


(Castle / Distance to Dresden 16,5 km)

The Saxon Fairy Tale Castle. Known from the "Christmas movie" - Tři oříšky pro Popelku (Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel, Three Wishes for Cinderella)


(Pheasant Castle / Distance 19,0 km) The Pheasant Castle is a castle complex in the municipality of Moritzburg which was built by order of the princely house of Wettin. It is located in the pheasantry of the Moritzburg castle park, which was created in 1728.

In its surroundings there are ponds and forests, gardens and the Moritzburg Lighthouse, also built in the 18th century.


(Rock formation / Distance to Dresden 42,5 km) 

Bastei, Saxon Switzerland, Lohmen, Saxony

Hohnstein Castle

(Distance to Dresden 38.0 km) 

Hohnstein Castle was built in the course of the peasant eastern colonization around 1200 as the administrative center of a manor. Hohnstein Castle is located in the town of the same name, Hohnstein, in Saxon Switzerland in the Free State of Saxony.


(Distance to Dresden 131.0 km)

Oybin (is also affectionately called the pearl of the Zittau Mountains) is a municipality located in the southeast of Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic. The history of the village is closely connected with the castle on the mountain Oybin. The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1290 as Moybin. Even before that, the mountain had been settled and fortified.

Oybin castle and monastery ruins

The Oybin is a 514 m above sea level mountain of the Zittau Mountains above the village of the same name. On it there are the ruins of Oybin Castle, which Emperor Charles IV had built as his retirement residence, and a monastery of the Cölestines, which was founded in 1369. The first archaeologically proven settlement on Mount Oybin dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries BC. The castle complex occupies the entire summit area of the mountain. In addition to the actual castle, it also includes the monastery ruins, the mountain cemetery of the Oybin community and a castle restaurant. The mountain church of Oybin, located on the slope, has paintings inside that are worth seeing. All in all, the entire complex is worth seeing.

Video: Oybin Castle and Monastery

("Project Globetrotter / Winkler & Cabral" Video (2022) - Oybin Castle and Monastery - 4k/UHD - 7:37 min.)

Kelchstein (Chalice stone)

The Kelchstein (Chalice stone / Distance to Dresden 133.0 km) is a mushroom rocks in the Zittau Mountains near Oybin and is part of the natural monument Kelchsteine.

They consist of the Kelchstein guardian on the left and the Kelchstein on the right, seen from the road.

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Travel at any time of year, city breaks, stays of several days. Dresden is a city well worth seeing, full of history and a beautiful environment.


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