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The reading community is, as the name suggests, a community for readers, but also for writers, authors, photographers, globetrotters, etc. There are no limits and all possibilities are available.
Anyone can contribute a short story and thus draw attention to themselves and enrich the reading community.

It should also be noted ... anyone who contributes a short story can put links (below the text) to their own websites / books etc.. The only condition is a short story (which can be longer) that complies with our guidelines. So no racist / discriminatory content! Everything in a context that simply fits. Critical voices are allowed if they are translated into a story. Pure advertising texts are not allowed.

Content of the stories ... anything that puts the reader in the mood to read on - your own story, love, work, leisure, fantasy ...

Tell us your story and send it to us in your own language. No translation necessary.

A photo would be an advantage, we can also help out with photos. For external texts we use stock photos.

What we need is your name as author under the text, but it is perfectly possible to use a pseudonym.

You don't earn any money with short stories, it is an exclusively free reading pleasure.

Please send your material to:


No glorification of violence, racism in any form or anything else that is tantamount to that.

We are peaceful, our published short stories should and will be peaceful, but criticism and arguments on a certain topic, in a factual context, are allowed.